jardinCOUR #3

horses - kabinet k

Horses, directed bij Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven, is a dance performance with an untamable energy, an encounter between 5 young children and 5 adults. Great and small share eagerness and bewilderment and above all: they trust each other unshakeably. Horses is about wanting to be a grown up and about wanting to remain a child, about power and vulnerability, about carrying and being carried. About the probing before surrender, the search for whom is pulling the strings, about finding the right cadence. Horses bears witness to the force and integrity of human relations. Accompanied by live music, the dancers search for a symbiosis, an unique bond with the other, like riders and horses.

  photography by Kurt Van der Elst
  2e edition with more than 40 extra images of the new 2020 cast
  with never-published-before images from the performance and the rehearsal process
  kurt van der elst won a international theatre photo award with a series of horses
  134 pages - full color
  paperback - 6x9inch - soft cover
  self published, edited and designed by atelierkvde
  made in collaboration with kabinet k
  publication date August 2020 (second edition), August 2019 (first edition)

20,- €  (+ shipping TBD)


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