jardinCOUR #2

JR - fc bergman

Consumed by some moral sense and concealed behind a modest little army of straw men, lawyers and spin doctors, the whippersnapper lays his invisible claw on Wall Street, thus wreaking havoc with the competition, the stock market in general, the American and global political establishment, but also with people who have nothing whatsoever to do with any of this. He would have been Warren Buffet’s worst nightmare, had he really existed.
JR was a site-specific production, directed by fc bergman, with a minefield of lives, relationships and incidents as the set.

  photography by Kurt Van der Elst
  with never-published-before images from the performance and the rehearsal process
  160 pages - full color
  paperback - 6x9inch - soft cover
  self published, edited and designed by atelierkvde
  made in collaboration with fc bergman
  publication date August 2019

22,- €  (+ shipping TBD)


jardinCOUR publications

  jardinCOUR publications are a series of uniformly designed paperbacks.
  They highlight the photographic work of theatre photographer kurt van der elst.
  Each paperback is centered around one specific play, artist, company or theme.
  All paperbacks are self published, edited and designed by atelierkvde.
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